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GYM NYC is the vision of a Master Personal Trainer with over 25 years experience in the fitness industry. GYM NYC now has its first large commercial location to offer several styles of personal training to our clients.

A boutique health club located in the Nolita neighborhood

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Starting February 1st we will be hosting a 6 week challenge at the gym. To participate either sign up in person at the desk or message us on instagram. The challenges will consist of 6 different exercises all taking place in within the gym.

Week 1 push ups
Week 2 pull ups
Week 3 squats
Week 4 timed cardio
Week 5 curls
Week 6 lunges

At the end of each week we will post the leaders for each category, There will be point values for X amount of reps per completion.

1st Prize Dinner at @piacerenyc for 2 (App, 2 Main Course and 2 glasses of wine)

2nd Prize GYM NYC Hoodie + $25 @bayabar_mulberry

3 prize $20 drink credit + GYM NYC hoodie

Good luck to all competitors
Let’s get fit together!!!

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We are 11 Days into the New Year!!! Did you find your body a new home yet? 2022 is your year to start and GymNyc has it’s doors open we’re welcoming fitness on all levels. ...

Happy Father's Day from the crew here @gym.nyc ! Family first 💪🏽🔥🏋🏽‍♂️💙 ...

LETS RAISE THE BAR! Big things are happening in 2020! Stay Tuned! ...

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What our members are saying about us!

Really nice little gym that fills the hole left by the departure of the NYSC on Broadway. As you might be able to guess from the name, this spot is very much a GYM. Don’t expect a lot of classes or personal trainers prowling the floor. If you’re inexperienced in the gym, there are other options for you. But if you’re just looking for a place to lift, this is a really solid option.

– Three power lifting cages, lots of dbs and kbs (db’s are in kilos for some reason)
– Machines, battle ropes, heavy bag, hex bar deadlift – they have a lot of stuff
– Doesn’t get too crowded
– towels and showers
– fast wifi (no cell service)
– very reasonably priced with no-hassle month to month membership

Jack R. 
 Jack R.

My first CRF class with Rodrick this morning. He has terrific energy and rhythm that keeps you going mentally when you are physically drained. Bring a lock as the lockers in the change room are old school.

Yu P. 
Yu P.

It’s a small gym, but it’s a solid and very clean gym. There’s enough equipment presuming it doesn’t get overly packed to do just about everything with the exception of cross fit training perhaps.

I think this gym caters more to people who cross train (seriously and consistently) between anything along the lines of bodybuilding, power-lifting, yoga, cardio and overall functional training.

Located right by SoHo and with a comparable monthly rate to other solid NYC gyms, it’s a great deal bar over-crowdedness.

Jimmy L. 
 Jimmy L.

Like a number of reviewers have already noted, the gym is small but it’s clean, well stocked with plenty of equipment, and (in the few months I’ve been a member) never too packed. There’s a dedicated deadlifting station, three power racks, plenty of dumbbells (the heavier ones are in KGs for some reason?), and a small studio for cardio/HIIT workouts or classes.

There’s no cell reception, which for me is a plus as it keeps me focused, but the wifi is quick.

Overall the gym is a great value for the price and way cheaper than some alternatives in the area. I switched from Equinox after being a member there for 5 years and don’t regret it at all. The only reason it loses a star is because it’s a bit of a pain to remember to bring a lock for the lockers.I constantly forget and end up toting some things around the gym with me.

Tarik F. 
 Tarik F.

“Highly recommended gym. Good value for money, and the trainers are serious! Been with the same trainer for years and last year we moved to this gym in Soho and its been such an improvement, great location, new equipment and fresh!“

Philip H 
Philip H

“Clean, organized and no-nonsense gym. With 3 power racks, high-quality barbells and rubber plates, this gym suits my powerlifting needs. It’s also balanced with cardio equipment, a stretching room, and machines. Plus, the staff are dope.”

Ricardo Guntu 
Ricardo Guntu

“This is not your cookie cutter cardio-focused gym. Only those serious about fitness need apply. They have a very dedicated and respectable set of regulars as well as a great set of trainers who can accommodate just about anyone’s goals.”

Adam Prato 
Adam Prato

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